What We Do

For Retailers



The future of telecom retail is in meeting customers where they are. We proactively grow our retailers’ categories by developing ranges that are truly tailored to the needs of each of their distinct consumer bases.


Web Connections

Kyatelecom can help you improve your web connection and backup plan. A strong network and backup plan with the necessary features will also helps in keeping your stores PCI compliant.

In-store Promotions

Through in-store promotions and sampling events, we assist our retail partners in engaging with customers. At in-store events, our experience team loves to create direct consumer interaction.

Educate and empower retail store employees

Associates can also gain immediate access to customer preferences, devices, usage, and interaction history in order to personalise recommendations. Assist your team in suggesting add-on purchases such as phone accessories that a customer would see at the checkout counter in a physical store.

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